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News Report on Pathogen Clean Asian Forum 2017

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Deliver Life Sciences is pleased to bring the fourth Pathogen Clean Asian Forum 2017 (Viral Safety of Biologics) has been successfully convened at Renaissance Yu Garden Shanghai Hotel from Apr. 26-27. 2017. Succeeding on the previous success, PCA 2017 received the official support from International Serum Industry Association and has also partnered with the global leading solution providers including Sartorius Stedim Biotech, Pall Life Sciences, Asahi Kasei Medical, Merck Millipore, Charles River, Wuxi Apptec and Mycoplasma Biosafety Services.

Selected Presentations

The Evolution of Pathogen Safety Concepts: from Plasma Products, to Recombinant Proteins,
to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Thomas Kreil, Associate Professor of Virology, Senior Director, Global Pathogen Safety, Shire

Confirmation of Effective Virus Clearance of Emerging Pathogens
Nathan Roth, Senior Director, Head, Global Pathogen Safety, CSL Behring

The CAACB Virus Contamination in Biomanufacturing Project: Practical Lessons for Current and Emerging Biotherapeutic Products
James Leung, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Biomedical Innovation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Viral Safety Requirements of Blood Products from the Indian Perspective
Surinder Singh, Director, National Institute of Biologicals, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India

Risk Mitigation Strategies for Animal Derived Materials used in Cell Culture
Rosemary Versteegen, Chief Executive Officer, International Serum Industry Association

Viral and/or Adventitious Agent Detection for Biologics: Moving from the Traditional Methods to Nucleic Acid based Detection- Points to Consider
Ivar Kljavin, Director, Adventitious Agents & Critical Reagents Management, Genentech, a Member of the Roche Group

The Use of Standards and Controls in Adventitious Agent Testing- from Validation to Quality Control
Rob Anderson, Scientist, Division of Virology, National Institute for Biological Standards and Controls UK

Retrospective Evaluation of Low pH viral inactivation and viral filtration data from multiple company collaboration
Xinfang Li, Associate Director, Downstream Processing, Immunogen USA

Investigational study on the Robustness of the 20nm nanofiltration step performed 
according to the DoE methodology

Steve Simoneau, Biological Safety Project Manager, Dept. of Biological Safety Surveillance, LFB Biotechnologies

Quality by Design (QbD) Viral Validation Approach 
Bin Yang, Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Roche/Genentech

Mechanism of Virus Removal
Oscar Jun Adan Kubo, Lead Researcher, Research and Development Division, Central Research Laboratory,   Japanese Blood Products organization

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