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News Report on Pathogen Clean Asia Summit 2014

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Deliver Life Sciences is pleased to bring the second Pathogen Clean Asian Forum 2014 (Viral Safety of Biologics) has been successfully convened at Renaissance Yu Garden Shanghai Hotel from May 29-30. 2014. Succeeding on the inaugural success, PCA 2014 received the official support from International Alliance for Biological Standardization and International Serum Industry Association, featuring an array of eminent scientists, regulators, technicians dedicating on the viral safety of biologics and blood products. PCA 2014 also has partnered with the global leading solution providers including Sartorius Stedim Biotech,  Pall Life Sciences, Asahi Kasei Medical, Merck Millipore, Charles River, Wuxi Apptec and Lonza.


Selected Presentations

Developing the Effective and Robust Pathogen Safety Strategies for Biotherapeutics

Hannelore Willkommen, Regulatory Affairs and Biological Safety Consulting


Integrated Risk Mitigation Strategies for Pathogen Safety in BioPharmaceutical Development and Production

Yuling Li, Fellow, Science Director, Bio-pharmaceutical Development, MedImmune


Viral Safety and Management of Blood Products in China

Prof. Ji-feng Hou, Head, Blood Products Division, National Institute for Food and Drug Control China


Implementation of Appropriate Virus Clearance Measures

Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf. G. Werner, Professorship Industrial Biotechnology, University of Tuebingen


Bioreactor Viral Safety: Beyond Spiking and Testing/ Evaluation of Viral Assays used in Virus Clearance Validation

Shawn Liu, Head, Principal Scientist, Pathogen Safety, Bayer Healthcare


Testing for Virus Contaminants and the Safety Margins of Biological Products: Emerging Viruses and Methods

Thomas Kreil, Associate Professor of Virology, Senior Director, Global Pathogen Safety, Baxter Biosciences


Review of New and Emerging Viruses and associated risks to Medicinal Biological Products

Mark Plavsic, Head of Product Biosafety, Genzyme, a Sanofi Company


Viral Safety and Clearance Requirements for Medical Devices derived from Animal Components in China

Liming Xu, Director, Associate Researcher, Division of Standardization & Science Research,

Institute of Medical Devices Control, National Institutes for Food and Drug Control


Viral Clearance Issues in Monoclonal Antibody Production

Prof. Stephen Mahler, Group Leader, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology,

University of Queensland


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