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News Report on InnoVax Forum 2017

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Deliver Life Sciences is pleased to bring the InnoVax Forum 2017 (Vaccine Development and Manufacturing Forum) has been successfully convened at Renaissance Yu Garden Shanghai Hotel from Nov.15-16. 2017. InnoVax Forum 2017 has received the official support from SAPA-GP (Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association- Greater Philadelphia) and has partnered with the global leading solution providers including GE Life Sciences, Gamma Vaccines, CMIC, Schreiner MediPharm, Healthgen Biotechnology etc.

Selected Presentations

The Future Landscape of Vaccine Product Development

Margaret Liu, Principal, ProTherImmune; President of International Society of Vaccines

Future Prospectus and Application for the Development of Adenovirus-based Vaccine

Xuefeng Yu, President and CEO, CanSinoBio

NeoAntigen Based Cancer Vaccine: a brighter Future of Cancer Immunotherapy

John Wang, CEO, ImmuOn Therapeutics

Build External Partnership for Vaccine Research and Development

Sean Du, Head, External R&D, Asia Pacific, Global R&D, Sanofi Pasteur

New Technologies and Platform for Vaccine R&D

Pele Chong, Senior Vice President, Vaccine R&D, United Biomedical

Vaccine Immune Correlates of Protection

Charles Sia, Chief Technical Officer, Vaccine R&D, BravoVax

Antibody-dependent enhancement of Zika Virus Infection

Xia Jin, Professor, Principal Investigator, Associate Director, CAS, Key Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Immunology, Chief, Viral Disease and Vaccine Translational Research Unit, Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS

Therapeutic Vaccine Development against Chronic Hepatitis B virus Infection

Jung-Sun Yum, Executive Director, R&D Centre, CHA Vaccine Institute

Issues, Opportunities and Challenges for TB Vaccine Research and Development

Honghai Wang, Professor, Director of Academic Committee of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Tuberculosis, Vice Director of Institute of Genetics, Fudan University

Recombinant flagellin as mucosal adjuvant for development of mucosal vaccine

Huimin Yan, Professor, Director, Division of Viral Pathology, State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS

Global Market and Technology Trends in Vaccine BioProcessing

Guenter Jagschies, Senior Director, GE Life Sciences

The Use of Recombinant Human Albumin for Vaccine Production

Daichang Yang, President, Wuhan Healthgen Biotechnology Corp.

Evaluation of antibody quality elicited by a replication defective HCMV vaccine

Sha Ha, Director, Vaccine BioProcess R&D, Merck & Co., USA

QbD Tools to Accelerate BioProcess R&D and Support Vaccine Manufacturing

Chris Ladd, Senior Scientist, Purification Development Dept. Shanghai ZeRun Biotech

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